Which brand? Which string gauge? Which coating?

Every guitarist has individual preference to string choice, 9/10 its just whatever you become used to when you start playing. I’ve tried many different types of strings however elixir stands out for me.

For my electric guitar I use the electric nickel plated steel with nanoweb coating. These strings are coated and last so much longer than your average set. The gauge mainly depends on what tuning I will be playing in. For the most part I use light ‘0.010 – 0.046′ referred to as ’10’s’.

For my acoustic I use the acoustic phosphor bronze with nanoweb coating. Again, theses strings last much longer than an average set. My string gauge choice is usually quite light for an acoustic, this is due to the amount of lead playing when performing. If you are a more rhythm based player I would choose a slightly higher string gauge. I use the custom light ‘0.011 – 0.052’.

Check out the website for more information!


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